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Kids Rainwear

In 1979 we started what can be called as a revolution in the industry of rainwear with the establishment of REAL RAINWEAR. With an experience of more than 37 years we are the major manufacturers and exporters of raincoats nationwide. Every progressive year we made a mark with our cost effective products and innovative design. Ours is an organization which believes in Excellence and superior quality , that’s not all we provide a host of after sale services like free training to use the product, free repairing,etc. We at REAL RAINWEAR continuously strive to deliver to our customers the value for their money.
We not only produce rainwear but a second skin for our customers which gives a sense of pride and a feel of comfort. We work for your needs from fabric to fitting and from print to the design everything is made customer friendly.
Our products are for every generation for kids, youngsters, adults.A masculine touch for men, feminine detailing for women, and a whole lot of fun prints and designs for kids.
You can find our products in all states throughout INDIA.